Tiger Paw 7075 Trekking Poles

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Designed and built for 4 season use, the Tiger Paw 7075 trekking and hiking poles are equipped to go anywhere hikers are treading the rugged outdoors. The Tiger Paw 7075 backbone is made of Aircraft Grade 7075 hard anodized jet black aluminum telescoping tubes. The height is adjusted via two snap-click compression locks made of lightweight anodized aluminum levers, steel hardware and engineering polymers. The easy-to-use finger tightening nut allows for precise lock compression strength. The cork and polymer combination hand grip with the polymer extension and the contoured dimpled top palm grip allows for a comfortable grip in any situation and molds to your hand as the miles wear on. The silver pole markings allow for easy visibility in any light. These poles score high in our matrix for ruggedness, ease-of-use, strength and value.

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